Meet Our Staff

Unlike many trade associations that are run by management firms, A3 has the benefit of having full-time staff dedicated to the mission of A3 and its members. Listed below is our talented team, please feel free to contact them to help your company.

Sharon Adams
Manager, Accounting & HR
(734) 929-3270

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Jeff Burnstein
(734) 929-3265

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Danielle Capriato
Marketing Manager
(734) 929-9351

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Clarissa Carvalho
Content Marketing Manager
(734) 929-3276

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Ashlei Davis
Event Administrator
(734) 929-3260

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Carole Franklin
Director of Robotic Standards Development
(734) 929-3269

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James Hamilton
Vice President of Sales
(734) 929-3268

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Bethany Hodge
Web Product Manager
(734) 929-9352

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Robert Huschka
Vice President of Education Strategies
(734) 929-9364

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Sarah LeCouffe
Member Services Manager
(734) 929-3261

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Bob McCurrach
Director of Vision & Imaging Standards
(734) 929-3267

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Aarthy Pandian
Administrator, Accounting and HR
(734) 929-9222

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Mandy Pawczuk
Event Manager
(734) 929-3271

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Claudia Sofia Rodriguez Arguelles
Marketing & Membership Manager
442-690-21-35, ext. 2015

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Jackie Rose
Marketing & Communications Manager
(734) 929-3264

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Alicia Secord
Web Product Manager
(734) 994-6088

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Alex Shikany
VP, Membership & Business Intelligence
(734) 929-3274

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Julia Stevenson
Membership Sales Manager
(734) 929-9365

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Carrie Warolin
Web Department Director
(734) 929-3272

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Dana Whalls
Vice President
(734) 929-3263

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Suzanne Worsham
Senior Web Product Manager
(734) 929-3277

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Amy Zmikly
Membership Manager
(734) 929-3273

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