Embedded Vision Systems in Military & Defense

Military ApplicationsEmbedded Vision is Creating a Technological Transformation in Military & Defense Applications

Embedded vision systems are ushering in the future of military technology. By augmenting the specialized skillset of soldiers, and by creating new levels of visibility and autonomy in military operations, embedded vision systems are playing a leading role in a technological transformation currently underway in the military.

The market for military embedded systems is projected to be worth $134.88 Billion by 2021, growing at a stable 13.60% compound annual growth rate (CAGR)1. This number is up from a market value of $71.29 Billion in 2016. In the next few years, microprocessors will the embedded component most in demand, particularly general purpose graphic processing units (GPGPUs), as the need for higher processing power in compact spaces continues to rise.

Military Embedded Systems Market Value to Reach $134.88 Billion by 2021

Multispectral imaging for surveillance applications, typically embedded in drones or other aircraft, are a common application today, but far from the expansive capabilities that lie on the horizon. Synthetic vision systems in avionics will soon be deployed, enabled by a series of embedded vision cameras and sensors, to provide pilots with a wealth of flight information when visibility is obstructed or nearly impossible. On the ground, embedded vision systems are helping the military implement autonomous, combat-ready vehicles for high-risk operations in complex environments. Soldiers will be equipped with head-up displays (HUDs), giving them real-time access to crucial information such as navigation data and enemy locations.

Embedded vision systems are transforming nearly every aspect of military technology. Strong short-term growth reflects a growing need for military modernization and the central role embedded vision plays. As embedded vision technology continues to advance, new applications will emerge in the military and defense sector, further pushing the world's militaries into the future.

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