Embedded Vision in the Augmented Reality Industry

Augmented Reality IndustryThe Market for Augmented Reality Technology is on the Verge of Explosive Growth

Embedded vision systems provide crucial input of visual data in augmented reality (AR) technology, enabling the merging of physical and virtual images. The image quality and accuracy of AR systems depend heavily on embedded vision. As the AR market takes off, embedded vision technology will see similar growth.

The market for AR technology is expected to be worth $61.39 Billion by 2023, up from $2.39 Billion in 2016, growing at an astounding 55.71% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Head-up displays (HUD) in aerospace, defense and automotive industries will represent a significant portion of this growth. Consumer applications also show strong growth potential, but some of the most immediate implementations of AR technology are occurring in the manufacturing sector.

Augmented Reality Market to be Worth $61.39 Billion by 2023

AR technology enhances the skillset of laborers to increase efficiency and quality in a range of production settings. For complex assembly, maintenance, technical support and quality assurance, AR headsets provide workers with real-time access to part information, assembly directions, and even data from ERP systems for more intelligent and efficient work.

AR systems are also used in medical facilities for training new surgeons, in marketing and advertising on iPhone and Android AR applications, as educational aids in museums and tourist attractions, and for other consumer applications such as video games and navigation.

AR technology will be pervasive, as a wide range of industries are finding it profitable. As AR technology begins its explosive growth, embedded vision systems will enjoy growth alongside the AR industry.