Streamline Quality Control and Boost Throughput with an AI-Enabled Computer Vision Solution

Originally Recorded November 14, 2023 | 1 PM - 2 PM ET

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Manufacturers around the world are maximizing their yield and cutting costs with automated visual inspection solutions. These manufacturers utilize advanced technologies and elevate everyday experiences. For example, a leading global manufacturer who implemented automated visual inspections has achieved a remarkable labor cost reduction of at least 80% wherever these solutions are utilized.

Join us to explore the key benefits of computer vision and deep learning in automated inspection applications. Gain insights into best practices for successful implementation and learn how to productionize a computer vision solution from gathering data, creating models, deploying, and iteration to maintain the optimal inspection. You will also gain knowledge on how to improve your model accuracy using a data-centric approach.

Be inspired by real-world examples and discover the latest technological advancements that have made computer vision more effective and user-friendly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how manufacturers are maximizing yield and reducing cost with automated visual inspection solutions.
  • Explore the key benefits and best practices for successful computer vision implementation.
  • Learn how to productionize a computer vision solution, improve model accuracy using data-centric approaches, and discover the latest technological advancements.

Watch this Webinar

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Quinn Killough

Quinn Killough, a computer vision specialist from Landing AI, is driven by the goal of empowering enterprises to achieve value from AI. At Landing AI, he collaborates with manufacturers to deliver AI-powered solutions with a focus on computer vision. Leveraging his engineering background and experience in manufacturing, traditional machine vision, and machine learning, Killough has a proven track record of deploying game-changing computer vision solutions.

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