Okay, Boomer: Round Two - Closing the Generation Gap in Manufacturing

Originally Recorded June 08, 2023 | 2 PM - 3 PM

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Baby Boomers vs. Millennials is a conflict usually waged over memes and TV shows. But in manufacturing, where retiring Boomers are not being replaced by younger generations, different expectations about work, culture, and career pathways in manufacturing come to a head. How does the generational conflict between Boomers and Millennials impact manufacturing businesses?  

Join Joe Campbell, a robot industry Boomer, and Jake Hall, a manufacturing Millennial, for round two of Okay, Boomer. Joe and Jake will revisit their inter-generational grievances and bust each other’s myths about manufacturing. They’ll overcome their differences and explore how new automation technologies are making manufacturing better for businesses and workers – of all generations. 

Attendees will learn (and bust) the following myths: 

  • Why don't millennials want to work in manufacturing? 
  • Why doesn’t my employer invest in me? 
  • Are Boomers anti-tech? Are Millennials tech obsessed? 

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Joe Campbell

Head of Strategic Marketing, Universal Robots
Joe Campbell is a long-time veteran of the robotics and automation industry. After executive assignments in sales, marketing, operations and customer service with industry leading robot, system integrator and engineering companies, Joe is head of strategic marketing for Universal Robots. Joe is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. He is a regular speaker, lecturer and author on manufacturing labor issues, and the technology and economic benefits of robots and factory automation. Joe and his family live in Birmingham, MI.

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Jake Hall

The Manufacturing Millennial
Jake Hall, known as the Manufacturing Millennial, is an advocate of manufacturing, automation, and skilled trades by helping revolutionize the way people and companies present through social media. With over 70,000 Followers and 80,000,000+ views on his content, he ignites conversations about the latest in manufacturing and automation to excite the current and future workforce on innovation.

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