Gain the Benefits of IIOT While Maintaining Data Security

Originally Recorded August 30, 2017 | 2:00 PM EDT

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You have doubtlessly seen the press releases: The IIoT will boost productivity, slash downtime, simplify operations, and streamline manufacturing across a wide range of sectors. The IIoT is already shaping smart manufacturing globally. In this webcast, we will sift through the hype and talk about the latest progress and why you need to pay attention to this technology (hint: many of your competitors already are). The components are on the market – the challenge is finding a way to execute on the promise. Discover tips for success, ways to keep connected assets safe, and whether this is the year IIoT will finally break into the big time.


Webinar Presenter:

Kristin Lewotsky

Kristin Lewotsky
Contributing Editor for Motion Control Online

Kristin is a contributing editor for Motion Control Online and has written about motion control and automation for more than nine years. As a technical writer, she covers a variety of subjects ranging from memory and micro-electronics to nano-technology to lasers and photonics. Kristin previously worked as an engineer on NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Telescope before switching to writing about technology. Kristin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics and a Master’s in Optics and Photonics from the University of Central Florida.

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