Defect Detection: How Easy It Has Become to Use Powerful AI Techniques to Automate Inspection

Originally Recorded March 03, 2022 | 2 PM - 3 PM ET

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Detecting defects on products before they go to the next process or before they are released to customers has always been important.  Expensive, labor-intensive human visual inspection has been the standard method for many years, with automated vision inspection often requiring a large investment to develop a custom machine vision solution.  Powerful object recognition techniques are now being applied to applications ranging from automated driving to defect detection.  Some of the most recent advancements have made it possible for anyone who can see and identify defects on their parts to create and deploy a world-class AI defect detection solution without any knowledge of AI or computer programming.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How Artificial Intelligence has made great advancements over the past decade and been successfully adapted for applications like defect detection
  • How most human visual inspection tasks have been made obsolete by AI-based defect detection
  • What you need to start a quick investigation of whether AI defect detection might meet your inspection needs
  • Why you do not need to know anything about Artificial Intelligence or training neural networks to create a world-class AI-based inspection solution
  • How you can integrate AI defect detection with any GIGE or USB vision compliant camera without any SDK or programming
  • How you can connect AI defect detection solution to a PLC via many industrial communication networks without an SDK or programming

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