Controlling and Synchronizing Industrial Machines Using Real-Time Ethernet

Originally Recorded October 06, 2015 | 2:00 PM EST

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Industrial machines have typically relied on the ability to do motion, and remote I/O using field buses such as CAN and RS-485. Over time the requirements for faster machines have become more stringent. The increased amounts of data, the number of control nodes, and the increased requirements for higher bus frequencies have rendered these field buses obsolete. This in turn forced machine builders to consider using a faster medium for I/O and control. This talk will demonstrate how an open source protocol (Ethernet POWERLINK) is used to build faster and more robust machines based on the TI Sitara platform.

Join MCMA, Texas Instruments and Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group for a free Webinar on October 6th at 2PM ET to learn how POWERLINK enables real-time Industrial Ethernet using open source technology.

Webinar Presenters: Sari Germanos - Technology Marketing Manager, Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group

Punya Prakash - Business Manager for Industrial Applications, Catalog Processor Business, Texas Instruments 

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