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New Infrared Technologies (NIT), founded in 2010 and headquartered in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain, is the world's unique manufacturer of high-speed uncooled imagers sensitive to MWIR. Their cameras bring new performance to the volume-produced, uncooled IR images domain, with unprecedented high speed of response and high frame rates. In addition, NIT offers innovative & affordable solutions for inline real-time monitor and control of industrial welding, cutting and AM processes (laser, arc welding, RSW, ERW, cutting, LMD, cladding) using fast and compact IR cameras. In 2016, NIT has been honored with the “Academiae Dilecta” Award, the highest recognition awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain.

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CLAMIR laser power control in LMD process

POSTED 03/30/2021

In the video we can see a comparison of the same L-DED (LMD) process, building a triangular shape, without control of the laser power (left side) and with closed-loop laser power control performed by CLAMIR. CLAMIR allows a real-time closed-loop control of the laser power by monitoring the melt pool geometry and performing accurate variations of the laser power in order to avoid overheating the part as it's being built. For more information visit www.clamir.com

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