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POSTED 05/10/2023

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Leuven, Belgium, 09 May 2023 — Xenics is happy to announce the upgrade of its CERES family, the long-wave infrared (LWIR) thermographic cameras with different Field-of-View (FOV) options.

Xenics, part of Photonis group, is Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared sensors, cameras and customized imaging solutions in the short-wave infrared (SWIR) and the LWIR realm.

CERES products are a family of LWIR cameras optimized to meet today’s increased demand for high performance and highly stable and reproducible temperature measurement. The family offers two possible resolutions : VGA (640×480) and SXGA (1280×1024). These configurations allow for optimisation and are the best choices for industrial applications.

Customers using thermography for industrial applications are very focused on the performances of their cameras, but they also request specific lenses that enable a straightforward integration in their systems. It refers to the possibility to cover a large area with a focusing distance that could be even less than a meter. For this reason, Xenics upgrades the CERES family by introducing wide FOV options, for both VGA product (95° FOV, 50.8° FOV and 24° FOV) and SXGA solution (71.7° FOV and 47.8° FOV).

CERES T 640 and CERES T 1280 have been developed as a family: this means that they are compatible from control/command and electrical interface perspective enabling up- or downgrade of the system with minimal efforts. Moreover, they have been designed from the beginning to be stable, reproducible and not sensitive to surrounding environment temperature changes. As this design has been proven successful, it makes CERES T family one-of-a-kind for thermography in industrial application.

However, this ultimate performance can only be achieved by calibrating the camera with its optics, that is where the addition of new optics possibilities comes. Marc Larive, Strategic Marketing Director explains: “In order to achieve ultimate thermographic performances, we have to properly select the lens for CERES T cameras. We thus add two new possibilities for customers with large FOV needs, for our VGA and SXGA products. Industrial customers can now perform thermography covering large area at short distance, with a reasonable depth of focus and still with the same level of accuracy and reproducibility. This potentially helps them to increase their system throughput”.

CERES T family also includes automatic compensation of internal temperature drift: this makes it very simple to use, avoiding any additional long and complex calibration. Moreover, thermographic capabilities are embedded onboard, with the ability to store 2 calibration packs. Designed for industrial uses, CERES T family interface is either GigE with PoE or CameraLinkTM and is GenICamTM compliant which makes it straightforward to integrate. CERES T, like all Xenics cameras, benefit from the user-friendly Xeneth GUI and Xeneth SDK which enable customers to spare time in integrating the camera and focus efficiently on their added values : data analysis and process monitoring.

Thanks to the newly available FOVs, CERES T now offers an ideal solution for:

  • Industrial application, where stability of measurements and high resolution allows more precise thermal inspection and better process monitoring as well as larger surface analysis,
  • Medical application where resolution and simplicity are requested together with a short focus distance.

About Xenics

Xenics, part of Photonis group, is a pioneer of infrared technology with a proven track record of twenty years. Xenics designs, manufactures and markets infrared imagers, cores and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support machine vision, scientific & advanced research, transportation, process monitoring, safety & security and medical applications. Xenics offers a complete portfolio of line-scan and area-scan products for the vSWIR, SWIR and LWIR ranges. Mastering all critical steps of the manufacturing process with advanced production facilities and in-house know-how on detectors, systems and software development Xenics delivers state-of-the-art solutions and optimized custom designs. Xenics ensures its commitment of doing good to the world by developing solutions for enhancing quality of life and sustainability. As a European vendor with a worldwide sales and service network, Xenics supports its customers with simplified export procedures. More at: xenics.com.