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MORITEX is a leading global supplier of lighting and imaging components and systems for machine vision solutions. We provide high value-added leading edge technologies, products, and services that combine our expertise in optics, lens, LED, and fiber optic technologies to support manufacturing and factory automation in all major markets. Our extensive background and experience in high performance optical systems design uniquely enables us to provide vertically integrated solutions for all levels of customer requirements, from standard hardware components to fully customized integrated opto-mechanical assemblies. Our product portfolio includes telecentric, factory automation, large format, line scan, and zoom lenses and fiber optic, high end constant current LED, factory automation constant voltage LED, and laser illumination products.

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Newsletter Details Ways to Improve Your Machine Vision...

POSTED 03/28/2008


27th MARCH 2008 -- Moritex (www.moritex.com) has launched a new newsletter dedicated to providing information about new and interesting components designed to help engineers and scientists achieve an optimised solution for their vision application.  Drawing upon Moritex's more than 25 years experience and expertise in the creation, manipulation and control of light, each issue of new newsletter will in addition provide practical hints and tips on how to select an optimised lens or create the perfect lighting for your application.

The inaugural issue offers useful tips on choosing a practical lens for alignment tasks where minimal depth of field is an advantage.

Designed to provide a real high performance alternative to CCTV lenses, the newsletter describes the latest additions to the ML-N Macro lens range which combine low cost, small size, light weight and long working distance to enhance inspection applications using cameras with up to ½-inch sensors. Specially designed for high definition alignment and inspection applications the newsletter also describes the MML6-HR65D-VI - the first of Moritex's popular High Resolution lenses to have a variable iris offering the ability to adjust the depth of field at high magnification.

Amongst the new lighting innovations introduced in the Spring 2008 issue is the MCEP-C 8-070 High Power Spot LED.  High power LED spot lights now offer useful alternatives to cold light sources up to 100W with the advantages of long lifetime and compactness.  The MCEP-Cx Series are rated 3W and include an RGB Mixing Unit and a range of fibre light guides, condenser lens and controllers to deliver the exact quality of light required.

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