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MRDVS Unveils New 3D Vision Cameras for AMR - M4 and S2

POSTED 10/07/2023

MRDVS, a leading provider of 3D vision solutions for mobile robots, proudly introduces its groundbreaking 3D vision camera products at the China International Industrial Fair (CIIF). The star attractions are the newly launched S2 obstacle avoidance 3D camera and the M4 docking 3D camera, designed to enhance the intelligence and operational efficiency of mobile robots.

S2 - Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance Meets Multimodal Excellence

The S2 is an ingenious multimodal camera, combining RGB and depth data, enabling seamless obstacle detection within 3D spaces. Weighing a mere 120g, its lightweight design allows discreet deployment on various mobile robots. Its adaptability shines, even in 100Klux sunlight. With field-of-view options of 90°x70° or 120°x30°, and a detection range from 0.2 to 5 meters, it offers precision in identifying nearby obstacles.

M4 - Vision-Based Docking Redefined

The M4 boasts a built-in depth camera and three-channel true-color RGB image output, delivering high-performance depth data from 0.3m to 5m. Its internal algorithm platform meets high-precision docking demands, enhancing mobile robot operational efficiency. With 1.0 Tops of computing power, it runs docking algorithms without the need for additional industrial PCs. Its robust design thrives in environments, whether indoors or outdoors.

Real-Time Demonstrations of Core Application Capabilities Tailored for Mobile Robot Work Environments

Pallet Detection
MRDVS showcased real-time demonstrations of the M4 industrial 3D camera combined with AI algorithms, providing a leading solution for unmanned forklifts. It intelligently recognizes pallets, precisely locates tray hole positions, automatically adjusts fork directions, and accurately picks and places pallets.

Visual Obstacle Avoidance
The new S2 camera from MRDVS offers 3D perception capabilities, aiding mobile robots in detecting hanging obstacles and low-lying barriers. Real-time deep learning algorithms enable the system to intelligently identify specific categories of people and objects, granting mobile robots intelligent obstacle avoidance capabilities.

3D Point Cloud Imaging
Leveraging the high-quality 3D sensor of the new M4 camera, it delivers real-time, high-quality point cloud, RGB, depth, image information, supporting various mobile robot application developments.

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