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IR Inspection System Gets Faster and More Enhanced

POSTED 07/27/2011

Moritex's Unique, Innovative IR Inspection System Gets Faster, More Enhanced

--New and upgraded IRise Macro Micro IR Vision System now can evaluate leading-edge
--MEMS devices and silicon wafers up to 2.6x faster than its conventional model

Moritex Corporation (CEO and President Noboru Matsuoka), a leading manufacturer of machine vision and digital imaging products, announced that the upgraded version of IRise, an infrared transmission inspection system for MEMS and semiconductor devices will be launched in August, 2011. Moritex aims to advance overseas MEMS and semiconductor markets with this advanced IRise, and will showcase this product at VISION 2011 (Stuttgart, Germany) in November.

IRise utilizes the infrared transmission characteristics of silicon to see through wafers and is capable of capturing macro and micro images in a single-shot evaluation of up to 8 inch wafers. The product has been sold nationwide by leading semiconductor makers and a renowned industry-academic-government institute on front-line national MEMS R&D projects.

"We anticipate a considerable up-tick for machine vision inspection systems in the production of MEMS and semiconductors", says Junya Inoue, Sales Manager for Moritex , in charge of the inspection system. As a successor of the highly reputable existing model, the upgraded version of IRise has faster working speeds and enhanced software with an optional automated visual inspection feature that supports C to C systems.

With the recent global trend of tightening car safety regulations, such as obligatory side airbags and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), as well as demand surge of power devices (SOI, SiC, etc.) for hybrid cars, the relevant MEMS sensor and device markets are expected to blossom very soon. A survey done by Fuji Chimera Research Institute (2011 MEMS related market total research) says that the size of the MEMS market in 2020 is forecasted to reach one trillion yen; that is more than double the current size, with huge potential in the semiconductor field with TSV technology in 3D packages. Moritex has great confidence that the new 2.6x faster and more enhanced IRise can cater to the growing demand for relevant inspection applications worldwide.

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Moritex started its business in 1973 in the import, export and domestic distribution of fiber optics and a variety of other special materials and equipment. Today, the company manufactures and engages in businesses related to applied optical equipment and functional materials. Moritex is a global leader in machine vision and industrial business. The company employs its optical and lighting technologies, the core technologies of the company since its foundation, to develop, manufacture and distribute machine vision equipment by combining lenses and lighting systems, primarily for customers developing semiconductor production, electronics component mounting and FPD manufacturing equipment. Sales in the fiscal year which ended in September, 2010 were 6.5 billion yen. Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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