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OPTO ENGINEERING® designs, manufactures and markets imaging components. Our expertise in developing innovative optical systems has earned us worldwide recognition as a supplier of unmatched optical solutions. OPTO ENGINEERING® is the world leader in telecentric technology as well as the creator of many other optical products which helped our customers solve machine vision applications once considered impossible. Over the years, our expertise has expanded to other technologies; today OPTO E

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HORUS – Dream Measurements at Your Fingertips!

POSTED 05/13/2020

At Opto Engineering, we love metrology

You can’t spend 17 years developing cutting edge technology on telecentric lenses and assisting customers without getting to know how to appreciate an undistorted image, a well-aligned lens, and collimated light and being surprised by a couple of microns repeatability on a 120 mm wide field of view.

So far, we helped you with almost all components and our best know-how – lenses, illuminators, cameras… you name it. But one thing was missing:


That’s why we partnered with Tielogic to offer you the best: HORUS, a metrology software combining ease of use to unpaired system measurement accuracy thanks to its state-of-the-art calibration algorithms and protocols.

Key advantages

  • Very accurate calibration and measurement over the entire field of view
  • Live measurement and tracking of objects placed in any position
  • Very intuitive interface, consistent with most CAD environments
  • Flexible, configurable and open to the integration to other devices

What is Horus?

Horus is a very intuitive and user-friendly software allowing for real-time measurement of parts: its interface and procedures are designed to closely match traditional CAD software approach thus ensuring a quick and easy check of the measurement results.

Parts are automatically recognized and tracked over the entire field of view with no need of reconfiguring the measurement procedure, while tools for automatic geometric primitives and part geometric construction search make metrology information even more easily available.

An advanced approach to edge detection and system calibration ensures maximum accuracy to your measurement system.

Statistics are really intuitive and easy to use, allowing for getting complete measurement reports and data extraction.

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