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Hardware independent GigE Vision camera SDK

POSTED 05/01/2013

A&B Software (New London, Conn.) announced the release of ActiveGigE 6.5, the latest version of its highly acclaimed hardware-independent library and driver for GigE Vision cameras. The SDK provides developers and end-users with immediate access to multiple brands of Gigabit Ethernet cameras in virtually any programming environment including C++, C#, VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, Java, HTML, Python, Adobe Flash, OpenCV, Labview, Matlab.
A key feature of the new release is 10 GigE support and Windows 8 compatibility. Other important additions include an integrated 1D- and 2D barcode decoder, hot-pixel correction, firewall traversing, SFNC 2.0 compliance, message channel and chunk feature support. The new DVR module offers multi-camera recording and playback to/from RAM and storage media, with selectable compression and triggering modes.
ActiveGigE offers comprehensive property dialogs with full control over camera attributes, instant access to image buffers and pixels, real-time image processing, transparent multi-color overlays of graphics and text, full-screen mode with monitor synchronization, histogram and statistical calculations, built-in background correction. Included TWAIN and DirectShow drivers provide a universal plug-and-play interface between GigE Vision cameras and third-party imaging and video recording applications. The SDK is highly optimized for multi-core CPUs and fine-tuned to dozens of popular camera models.