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GigESim GigE Vision Server and Camera Simulator

POSTED 03/18/2011

GigESim Vision Server and Camera SimulatorResponding to the high demand for universal GigE Vision simulation software, A&B Software has released GigESim - a software package that consists of a GigE Vision camera emulator, camera type convertor, and GigE Vision Server SDK. A computer running GigESim presents itself to the network as one or several GigE Vision cameras. Any GigE Vision and GenICam compliant software running at the same or other computers on the network will be able to receive images from such virtual cameras and control their features. GigESim can be used for prototyping GigE Vision cameras as well as for performing GigE client application development and testing when cameras are not available.

GigESim can also be used to convert cameras of different types (analog, USB, 1394, CameraLink) into virtual GigE Vision cameras accessible from any computer on the network. One of the advantages of type conversion is the multicast feature of the GigE Vision standard which lets the video be transferred to multiple computers on the network.

GigESim includes a powerful SDK that allows developers to assign images generated by their application to a simulated GigE Vision camera and stream them to the network for further processing and analysis. Developers can define individual features provided by each simulated camera and exercise a full remote control over each feature.

“The advantage of this approach,” says Boris Nalibotski, general partner of A&B, “is that images generated by GigESim can be received by any GigE Vision-compliant software without adaptation. This makes GigESim an ideal solution for distributing computing, application remote control, multi-node surveillance, pipeline video transfer, and many more."

New GigESim 1.1 is available now. For further information and trial version, please visit www.ab-soft.com/gigesim.php.