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Captec is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and integrator of specialist computing platforms engineered to meet the exact requirements of any application, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands. From Rugged Tablets and Industrial Computers to complex Computer Racks and innovative IoT Computing, we design to any form factor. We engineer reliability, provide comprehensive support, guarantee compliance, maximize longevity and overcome the limitations of commercial computing.

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Captec Launches New Embedded Computing Range Following Aleutia Acquisition

POSTED 01/21/2020

Captec, designer and manufacturer of specialist computing equipment, has announced the launch of the Captec E-Series, a range of powerful, innovative and compact embedded computers for industrial applications.

The launch follows Captec’s acquisition of Aleutia, a manufacturer of low power PCs originally designed to deliver computing in African classrooms by overcoming the challenges posed by hot and hostile environments.

Since the acquisition completion, Captec’s design architects and engineers have innovated to develop three computers to comprise the E-Series. 
Building on the success of Aleutia’s bimetallic thermal design, the E-Series features a reengineered heat sink and enclosure to offer reliable performance in more demanding industrial applications. Combined with specially selected industrial components, the E-Series is equipped to provide 24/7 operation in challenging working environments.

The innovative chassis design enables the E-series to be set up in a variety of different I/O configurations. Ranging from serial and USB to 4G and PoE LAN, up to 16 ports are available to meet the individual needs of customer applications while still retaining the compact footprint. The composition of the E-Series makes it a perfect fit for any application where space is restricted.

Supported by a fanless design, the E-Series offers improved MTBF rates with ten years longevity, reducing the cost of ownership for customers. The size, performance and expansion of the E-Series makes it ideal for applications including self-service and ticketing kiosks, digital signage, optical vision inspection and solar farm monitoring.

Peter Molyneux, Sales Director, Captec, said: 
“I am pleased to introduce the Captec E-Series to the market, a new and innovative range of computers that will deliver maximum reliability, performance and expansion to demanding industrial applications.

Initial interest has been extremely positive with engagement from new and existing customers on the range's ability to meet technical needs and address industry pain points competitively."

With the E310 and E610 launching today, the third and final computer in the Captec E-Series, the E910, is due for release in the coming months with features to enhance edge-based applications where processor performance is critical.

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