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Zivid is a market-leading, pure-play provider of industrial 3D color cameras and vision software used in industrial and collaborative robot cell development. Its Zivid One+ and Zivid Two products are regarded as the world's most accurate real-time 3D color cameras and bring human-like vision to the smart factories and warehouses of Industry 4.0. With over two decades of in-house R&D and in-depth expertise in optical sensors, 3D machine vision hardware, and software, Zivid enables customers to boost detection, picking, and placing of parts in a range of applications, including random bin picking, pick-and-place, assembly, packaging, and machine tending. The Zivid One 3D color camera received numerous awards for its technical features, point cloud quality, and design implementation. Awards include "Top Innovation Award" by inVISION Magazine, "Gold Innovators Award" by Vision Systems Design, Red Dot's "Product Design" award.

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3D vision solves automated picking challenge

POSTED 02/18/2019

INFAIMON is a multinational company dedicated exclusively to the artificial vision and image analysis technology, and their InPicker solution collects, evaluates, and identifies object data for picking and placing components in automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics and e-commerce applications. INFAIMON developed a 3D picking application for picking and handling randomly stacked rubber gaskets from conveyor belts.

The gaskets are made of black, light-absorbing rubber which combined with arbitrary orientations is particularly hard to capture consistently with typical imaging systems. INFAIMON uses the Zivid One Plus 3D color camera to overcome these challenges, using the 3D camera's speed, accuracy, and high dynamic range to reliably detect and separate the objects.

Using the Zivid One, the InPicker tool recognizes and determines the position of the stacked objects and handles collision avoidance in real-time so the robot gripper performs correct and safe extraction of the gaskets.

Zivid One Plus comes in 3 models optimized for short and long work distances, and its white light source provides a safe work environment for human operators when the camera is mounted either next to or directly on the robot arm.

Salvador Giro, CEO of INFAIMON:

We have worked with vision solutions the last 25 years, and the quality of data required in today's growing vision-guided robotics is only made possible with Zivid One from Zivid.