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Xenics is a designer and manufacturer of infrared sensors, cores and cameras.

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20 years of leading-edge infrared solutions

POSTED 10/16/2020

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The 16th of October 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Xenics. Celebrating in the Covid-19 climate will be different from what we had in mind. However, that does not mean we should not highlight our 20 years of passion in providing the best infrared (IR) solutions to our customers.

The past 20 years, Xenics worked hard to develop and offer leading-edge IR products to the market. The most thrilling experience was to partner with our customers, to listen to them. We take pride in developing products that are based on the needs of our customers.

Several years ago, infrared technology was used almost exclusively in scientific and R&D applications. Currently, applications in industrial, medical, process control and transportation markets have become prevalent. For Xenics, over the past years, this has resulted in a gradual transition from being focused on the R&D world to having important customers in the industrial world.

In the early 2000, the pioneering work of Xenics led to the first non-US made SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) camera and SWIR sensors on-board of satellites for earth observations. Those developments have paved the way for the future successes of the company.

Thanks to our customers, we can focus on enabling technologies supported with 20 years of knowledge in the IR market. This experience is the key factor for our future. We can leverage on it to continuously provide value to our customers. Our goal is to develop not only high performing products, but also affordable and relevant solutions.

Driven by applications and market

Thanks to our experience, we can look at the future with a strong market knowledge background. Our roadmap is set out with customer applications and developments in mind.

In 2020 we so far released three new products:

  • Wildcat, a VGA high-performance Short-Wave IR (SWIR) camera for industrial markets
  • Manx, the highest speed linescan SWIR camera for very demanding applications
  • Dione 640, the lightest Long-Wave IR (LWIR) core optimized in Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), for Safety and Security as well as for industrial (handheld) applications

Investing for the future

Paul Ryckaert, CEO of Xenics, explains: “Xenics mantra is investing for the future to accelerate the IR adoption. We apply this every day by finding the right balance between innovation and affordability, keeping the important input of our valued customer in mind”.

This means that we continuously invest in R&D and technologies with new readout circuits design, new electronic platforms for SWaP products, new mechanical developments and new firmware and image processing.

This also means that we will continue to grow our worldwide teams in our three offices US, Asia and Europe. We will see more human resources not only in R&D but also in production and foremost in customer-oriented functions (sales, administration and support).

The Xenics’ team is ready for the thrilling future and is proud to keep on serving its customers in the best and most efficient way.

Happy 20th birthday Xenics and thank you to each and every customer that has made this journey with us, and to the amazing team of staff behind the brand.

About Xenics

Xenics is a pioneer of infrared technology with a proven track record of twenty years. Xenics designs and markets infrared imagers, cores and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support machine vision, scientific & advanced research, transportation, process monitoring, safety & security and medical applications. Xenics offers a complete portfolio of line-scan and area-scan products for the vSWIR, SWIR and LWIR ranges. Mastering all critical steps of the manufacturing process with advanced production facilities and in-house know-how on detectors, systems and software development Xenics delivers state-of-the-art solutions and optimized custom designs. As a European vendor with a worldwide sales and service network, Xenics supports its customers with simplified export procedures. More at: https://www.xenics.com/ .