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Since 1976, Yamaha has provided to the industrial marketplace assembly robots that are unsurpassed for payload, speed and dependability. The robot product line is the culmination of over 4 decades experience in Yamaha's plants and thousands of others around the world. Yamaha offers a wide range of single axis models providing up to 4000 mm of travel, with a max payload of 160 kg and +/- 0.005 mm repeatable accuracy. In addition, they also offer a broad selection of SCARA models with reaches from 120 mm to 1200 mm and a max payload of 50 kg. Yamaha Robotics has the ability to provide Cartesian systems in many configurations, as well as unique 2-axis YP high speed pick and place models. Yamaha Robotics offers seamless add-on instructions (AOI) for Allen Bradley PLCs and function blocks (FB) for Siemens, comprehensive software and 3D CAD files to simplify design and installation. Yamaha can supply the best solution for nearly any automated assembly requirement.

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Yamaha High Speed Servo Dispensing - YSD

POSTED 03/26/2018

YRG, Inc. demonstrates high speed sealant dispensing using a Yamaha SXYX Cartesian robot integrated with a 4th axis servo motor pump. The 4th axis allows precise control of the Viscotec auger pump. On-the-fly inspection is possible using a Coherix Predator 3D laser inspection system. Integration of this system was done by Integro Technologies. High Speed Servo Dispensing Systems achieves precise, accurate dispensing results, while increasing productivity.