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Waypoint Robotics lives and breathes their mantra of “Workforce First,” which means that empathy with the end user is the starting point and the deciding factor for design and engineering decisions. That approach has led to the development of easy to use, fully autonomous, industrial strength, mobile robots, which can be setup and used by the current workforce that is on the job today. Ease of use at this level is unprecedented, and it’s Waypoint’s key differentiator. Waypoint’s autonomous robots provide a foundation of technical excellence that makes it possible to excel in the UX space. Waypoint is committed to creating a simpler and better total user experience for the workforce, and give them the tools they need in Industry 4.0.

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Vector with Kingpin Lift & Hitch Top Module: Load/Unload & Connect to a Variety of Carts

POSTED 03/30/2021

This video shows Kingpin™, a simple but powerful automation top module that enables Waypoint’s omnidirectional autonomous mobile robots to automatically load and unload payloads and connect to a variety of carts. This offers the ultimate in flexibility for automated material transport. With Kingpin you get an AMR equipped to do both tasks – automatic loading and unloading, as well as the ability to connect to carts commonly used in factories and warehouses.

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