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Liberty Reach Inc. is advancing manufacturing automation by providing turn-key 3D vision systems for robot guidance in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, and general industrial markets. Liberty Reach employs a full-time R&D staff to bring the latest machine vision and robot guidance technologies to market.

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Vision Guidance for Robotics Vision Guidance for Robotics

V-Guide™ Robot Guidance for Automated De-Racking in Body Weld Line

POSTED 02/11/2019

Racking & de-racking parts is challenging to automate. The shape and position of racks are inconsistent. Parts get loaded incorrectly or shift during transport. Rather than wasting time and money trying to control racks and part positions, guide the robot with V-Guide™. V-Guide™ quickly calculates the pose of each part, so the robot makes a precise pick from the rack every time.