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MB Kit Systems LLC, doing business as item America and item North America for the past twenty plus years utilizes over two hundred different structural aluminum profiles and 3000 modular components to design mechanical hardware solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. The straightness tolerance and precision of our extrusions enable us to design & build custom belt-driven linear actuators with travel from a few inches to over one hundred forty feet. Loads from a few ounces to thousands of pounds are possible depending upon configuration. Single and multi-axis actuators can be configured to create significant sized Cartesian robots and overhead gantries that can reach every single point within a given envelope. The addition of the Weiss linear unit product line includes belt driven linear units, ball screw driven units and electric cylinders. Custom machine frames, structures, specialty enclosures and safety hard guarding round out the product offering from MB Kit Systems LLC.

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Stairway & Platforms

POSTED 12/14/2016

The innovative TPS or “Stairway Platform System” from item is a whole new way to look at elevated workspaces, warehouse mezzanines, work platforms, or inspection areas. TPS is ideal for factories, manufacturing facilities, automation cells, and assembly operations. The TPS industrial stairway and platform system makes it easy to reach every part of a machine and work at various elevations. It is customizable, versatile, and compatible with the item MB Building Kit System.