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SMAC makes Moving Coil electric actuators. These products are the fastest actuators in the world. Cycle life is well beyond 100M. They have the ability to softly land on surfaces and then apply a programmed specific force. SMAC’s new LDL series of linear actuators has a list price of around $300 making them the first real electric actuator alternative to air cylinders. This price is based on SMAC’s contstent cost down program featuring pointed coils, in-house manufactured encoders, and laser cut parts. SMAC invented the Linear Rotary actuator 25 years ago. These are widely used in Electronic Pick and Place, Quality Thread Check, Bottle Capping, and beginning to find wide use in Automatic Screw Driving and SMART Drilling and Tapping. Interestingly a number of companies are making an effort to copy SMAC - but are not able to match technology or price. SMAC also has stepped up its efforts in inspection by launching the MLA series - a direct challenge to old tech LVDT devices.

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SMAC Moving Coil Actuators Smart Screwdriver

POSTED 08/30/2016

Do work and verify its success at the same time. Find the surface with Soft-Land capability. Turn counter clock-wise, screw moves up, then drops as first thread found. Then start rotating clock-wise with controlled precise force. Monitoring the torque and pitch verification. Good, shallow, cross/no-threads, and thread pitch are detected.