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Balluff is a global supplier of pre-engineered, kitted dynamic zone limit systems for robots. Systems are designed to be control-reliable when used with appropriate safety monitoring relays and circuits. Rotary Axis 1 kits are available with up to three independent diverse, complementary, redundant zones. Axis 2 & 3 kits are available with one zone. Multi-zone linear systems are also available for toploader and RTU applications. Balluff also provides discrete , linear, and rotary sensors and encoders, including inductive, photoelectric, vision, RFID, capacitive, magnetic, magnetoresistive, magnetostrictive, magneto-inductive, magnetic incremental, and electromechanical technologies. Balluff provides one of the broadest lines of sensors available to give you more technological and application-driven solutions than any other supplier. All Balluff lines reflect the latest in high technology coupled with real-world design to survive in the toughest industrial environments.

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Safety Safety

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Safety Over IO-Link for Profisafe

POSTED 08/06/2018

In this video we share another innovation from Balluff to bring Automation and Safety together to offer a functional safety solution for factory automation. The concept is called Balluff's Safety over IO-Link. It utilizes Profisafe black channel tunneling principal for communicating safety over Profinet and IO-Link. This approach significantly reduces safety integration time, provides more diagnostics and offers flexible-modular approach.