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SUMIG is a family owned and operated global welding equipment and robotic systems manufacturer and integrator. Since 1980, SUMIG has been manufacturing a full line of quality competitively priced MIG products to answer the need of fabricators. This customer centric approach was key to SUMIG’s rapid growth to become the market share leader in Brazil and expand globally. The second family generation became key members of the management team utilizing the same “customer centric” vision and leveraging those qualities globally. Challenged by our customer and listening to our team, SUMIG has expanded into welding and cutting automation for over 20 years. Our knowledgable staff of engineers and technical staff offer complete technical support to meet your welding robotic systems needs and productivity demands. Since setting up our USA operations in 2014 we have partnered with our customers throughout the USA and Canada meeting their demands and offering complete technical support.

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RTW-SS67 Aluminum Welding

POSTED 08/28/2018

SUMIG RTW-SS67 hard-wall cell welding aluminum parts in position.