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McNaughton-McKay Electric Company is a wholesale distributor of electrical supplies, but in reality we are so much more. Whatever industry you serve, chances are McNaughton-McKay has the capabilities, processes, technologies and employees to provide the innovative solutions you depend upon to move your business forward.

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Rapid Deployment Video Recording Kit (RDVRK) - VE510 Serialization Demonstration

POSTED 06/27/2017

The Video Vision VE510 from McNaughton-McKay is a meta data and serialization solution that has the ability to take information from a camera/scanner and send it via TCP/IP Socket Connection or licensed OPC interface. What that allows you to do is embed that information into an actual video stream or image. You can also FTP the serialized images for long term retention inside a file. If you need to retrieve the file, you can easily recall images or video based off of Serial number.