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Midwest Engineering Systems Inc. provides custom machines, integrated systems, automation/robotic solutions, and production lines to manufactures globally. Our engineering staff has technical expertise, a diverse knowledge base, and has built thousands of integrated automation systems over the last 20+ years. Not only does MWES provide the new equipment, but also new process development, training, support, service, maintenance, and retrofits for all of a factory’s manufacturing equipment. Our design and build solutions include: customized robots, specialized End of Arm Tools (EOAT), cable solutions, vision systems, safety enclosures, process monitoring, control systems, and automation systems.

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Production Quality Additive Manufacturing

POSTED 06/04/2018

Midwest Engineered Systems, with Miller Electric Laser Group, integrated a hotwire based laser direct metal deposition (LDMD) for additive manufacturing. As shown in this video, a propeller was created using direct metal deposition. Wire was heated prior to being fed into the laser spot. Passes were stacked on top of each other to create the shape. MWES provided the path planning and integration to innovate and provide Miller with high quality production outputs.