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PrestonEastin designs and manufactures a complete line of manual, powered, and robotic positioning systems and equipment. Since its inception in 1972, PrestonEastin has provided innovative solutions to positioner requirements serving the welding, aerospace, aviation, automotive, transportation, ship building, material handling, thermal spray, and heavy equipment manufacturing industries. At our new engineering and manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we design and manufacture positioning solutions for precision operations, while continually upholding unconditional principles of safety and reliability. We manufacture our products to afford our customers many years of safe and dependable operation. We understand our customers’ needs, and quickly respond with proven solutions to meet positionerrequirements. Dedicated continuous improvement of our products and service ensures long term continued customer satisfaction worldwide.

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PrestonEastin Robotic 3-Axis Welding Drop Center Positioner

POSTED 11/26/2019

Massive 15,000 LB capacity. This positioning system has two rotational axes each on a bridge that is capable of 3 meters of elevation.