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POSITAL-FRABA has been a leader in the design and production of position & motion sensors for more than 50 years. Our current product offerings feature innovative sensors designed to meet demanding requirements in a wide range of industries. Our flexible “build-to-order“ manufacturing systems make it possible to offer sensors that are configured to meet your exact specs with rapid delivery and competitive prices. Our commitment to quality results in products that deliver accuracy and reliability

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POSITAL Positional Sensors in Wind Energy

POSTED 09/22/2015

POSITAL presents Positional sensors and robust encoders for Wind energy. Many measuring and positioning tasks must be solved in wind turbines: in addition to yaw control of the nacelle through azimuth drives, the tilt angle of the rotor blades must be monitored and - if necessary - adjusted by means of pitch control systems. On top of that, speed control can be complicated due to the demanding environment.