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Our single-source approach is simple: we provide all the equipment needed for robotic or manual arc welding. Robot, welding power source, wire feeder, torch–we can provide everything you need. One call solves it all! • Seamless digital integration for maximum control • Reduced maintenance time for greater uptime and productivity • Expert service from experienced support staff Since its founding in 1919, the Osaka Transformer Company (OTC) has focused on bringing the benefits of innovative technology to diverse customer applications. Today, OTC DAIHEN’s global activity centers on three business pillars: Power Products, Advanced Components, and Welding & Mechatronics. Our philosophy: Meeting the Challenge. Confronting welding quality issues or demanding production schedules? Bring us your toughest challenges, and we won’t rest until we deliver an ideal solution.

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OTC DAIHEN - Cleaner Welds

POSTED 03/12/2020

OTC DAIHEN continues to advance our welding technology because your requirements and the requirements of the entire fabrication industry continue to change. As we expand the capabilities of our products to meet these growing demands, we continue to lead the industry in weld process technology. The seamless integration of robotics and automated welding applications eliminates our mutual enemy: weld spatter.