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Universal provides supply chains with complete automated material handling systems for high-mix, high-volume applications. Systems integrate artificial intelligence with vision, grasping and motion control to give machines human-like flexibility at high speed. Our artificial intelligence software, called Neocortex® - Software with an IQ® - enables automated systems to handle high item variability, part change-overs, and deformable objects without fixturing. Key Features of Neocortex G2R (Goods to Robot) Cells: *Flexible: Cartons, bottles, tubes, bags, cans *Fast: 800-1400 per hour, peak to 29 per minute *Learns: No programming, no CAD required *Easy: Operational in a day *Affordable: $7/hour for 2 shifts over 5 years

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Neocortex Bin Picking for Order Fulfillment (September, 2015)

POSTED 09/01/2015

Universal Robotics is the expert in artificial intelligence and advanced 3D vision. This video shows Spatial Vision Robotics vision guidance and Neocortex artificial intelligence picking a wide range of random pharmaceutical products with a Motoman robot at 20 picks per minute. Spatial Vision Robotics is best in class goods-to-robot: 20% faster 2D vision guidance, and can be combined with Neocortex's intelligence to identify thousands of SKUs.