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Hermary is a leading innovator of machine vision technology. For over 27 years, they have advanced industrial automation with their commitment to collaboration and creative problem solving. They continue to set new industry standards in design and engineering, enabling greater levels of efficiency and productivity. Hemary scanners have proven to be the most trusted and reliable in the industry—they work better, live longer and deliver greater return on investment.

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Machine Vision for Industry Professionals: What are 2D and 3D vision technologies?

POSTED 04/23/2021

More often than not, though, we find ourselves humbled by our partners’ sheer ingenuity in incorporating machine vision into their solutions. By sitting down with Hermary’s Applications Engineer, Josh Harrington, we hope to create an evergreen learning environment for all industry professionals to share knowledge about machine vision. 1. What is machine vision’s purpose? 2. How is it useful in industrial applications? 3. Major types of machine vision.