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Delfoi develops, markets and supports Industry 4.0 solutions such as robot offline programming and simulation (Delfoi Robotics) and production planning & scheduling solutions (Delfoi Planner) and related consulting services for the industry. Delfoi, established in 1990, is a pioneer company and trailblazer in robot offline programming worldwide. There are more than 350 companies globally using Delfoi's OLP solutions. Customers include big OEMs, like ABB, Alstom, Airbus, Boeing, CAT, CNH Industrial, MCFA, Volvo, and subcontractors from companies with several thousand employees to ten people workshops.

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Delfoi PAINT - Offline Programming of Painting Robots

POSTED 05/15/2017

NEW fast and analytic application for both offline programming and also simulating and analyzing the painting process.