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A global leader in the LED Machine Vision Industry since 1993, Advanced illumination combines innovation in product development and quality in processes to deliver tailored lighting solutions to its customers. Our expansive product range includes lighting for object inspection, materials handling, and other industrial automation applications. Products include high brightness and standard LED lighting with a variety of power options including our inline Current and Strobe sources and our new Pulsar 320 compact strobe. Expandable products include a xenon replacement Line Light, Surface Mount LED backlights and backlight strips. Our breadth of knowledge serves OEM applications with custom solutions at standard lead times. We offer clients vision lighting expertise including design, prototyping and engineering. Our technical staff can solve your optical challenges and space limitations. We design and build our products in Rochester, Vermont.

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DCS-100E & DCS-103E Lighting Controller Quickstart Video

POSTED 11/04/2021

This technical resource provides detailed instructions on hardware, software, wiring, and operating the lighting controllers. Check out the video or visit our YouTube channel to view all of our video resources. One advantage of using Ai lighting controllers with our lights is the plug-and-play SignaTech control system, which ensures the safety of your lights when overdriving. With both the illuminator and controller designed to work together, you can drive your lights with confidence.