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Universal Robots is the market leader in collaborative robots, having sold over 50,000 cobots. Since introducing the world’s first commercially viable cobot in 2008, UR has developed a product portfolio including the UR3, UR5, UR10, and UR16, reflecting each cobot’s payload in kg. Each model is supported by a host of plug-&-play end effectors, software, kits and accessories in the UR+ certification program, allowing for flexible redeployment of one robot into several diverse applications. Universal Robots is automating every manufacturing industry thanks to its quick setup and intuitive programming that allows frontline workers to become cobot operators and programmers. Headquartered in Odense, Denmark, UR operates out of US offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, New York, Dallas, Texas, and Irvine, California.

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Collaborative Robots (Cobots) at Nissan Motor Company

POSTED 07/20/2017

Nissan Motor Yokohama Plant introduced two “UR10” industrial robots (Cobots) produced by Universal Robot Co., Ltd. into its assembly processes, with an aim to ease human resources. One of the robots is deployed to assist with loosening bolts on cam brackets of an engine, and another is being used to help with the installation of an engine intake manifold. Especially for the latter process, people work collaboratively with the Cobots. As a result, working hours were reduced and standardized, and