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Esys Automation, a JR Automation company, is a leading full-service manufacturing automation solutions provider to the automotive industry. Offering both Turnkey Automation Systems as well as Controls Engineering Services, we are highly specialized in vehicle assembly applications in areas such as press, powertrain, plastics, body assembly, paint and sealer, final assembly, and tire and wheel. Our team is ready to work with you to analyze and evaluate your company objectives in order to develop and implement a unique solution for your specific business needs. At Esys, we develop innovative, tailored products and applications based on our customer’s requirements.

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Automated Press System: Robotic Destacking and Part Transfer - Esys Automation

POSTED 01/10/2018

The process shown uses a FANUC M-900 series robot for Front of Line destack of blank sheets. Utilizing a Double Sheet Detector, the destacking application is capable of detecting multiple parts, searching and identifying the top of a part stack, as well as rejecting unwanted, damaged parts. Then a FANUC R-2000 series robot equipped with Fanuc iRVision software is utilized for the End of Line Unload of the formed parts.