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AIS Technologies Group (formerly Radix Inc.) specializes in integrated solutions for industrial applications and automation. We offer full design, build, installation and field support services for turnkey or stand alone automatoin, based on single camera 2D and 3D vision guided robotics, monochrome of rull color machine vision inspections, controls and robotic cells, as well as custom software applicatoins and packaged software tools for robot-based projects. Our goal is to develop integrated, long term and robust solutions.

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Automated nut runner guidance using vision for tire fastening

POSTED 04/16/2018

Automated the torqueing of wheel assembly, including hub and rim by using a vision system to determine the position of the wheel including its fore and aft and side-to-side positions and three rotational axes. With this information, the robot can easily move the nut runner into the exact position and tighten the nuts.

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