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Beijing Microview Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company which researches and develops frame grabbers, modules, systems software, high-speed and high-resolution digital area cameras, line scan cameras, stereo and multiple heads cameras. Meanwhile, it professionally manages image processing, medical image, industry inspector, security inspector, module analysis and scientific research. Microview has set up overseas offices in Hong Kong, The United States and Canada with domestic offices and subsidiaries in Shanghai, Wuhang, Nanjing, Xi'an and Cheng du.

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The Appearance of the Printing Iron Products Detection

POSTED 05/19/2016

Microview Printing iron products as a special printing industry has made great development. In the 1970 s only 200 - odd national printing iron products industry. Increased to more than 700 of the 80's, by the end of the 90's. Printed iron products enterprise development to more than 2000. Metal packaging printing iron products, is in the service of the related industries. With canned food, beverage, oil chemical industry, medicine, stationery, cosmetics, etc. The development of related industries. Product packaging printing iron demand shock; 2 it is aimed at the huge market of China by foreign investors, flock, high starting point, large investment. Advanced equipment, exquisite technology, talents, scientific management. Called the printing iron products of tin plating steel sheet printing.

Printing iron products inspection points of conventional physical and chemical inspection and the special requirements of the two. The content of the conventional physical and chemical inspection are:

  1. Visual inspection mainly by means of macroscopic observation. The positive and negative printing iron products product requirements have no obvious smudgy, wrinkles. Main part printing surface have no obvious scratch. Secondary parts allow a slight scratches. Text lines are clear deformation, complete points clear, complete and distinct Ink uniform hue accurate.
  2. Physical and chemical properties are: high impact strength, adhesion, gloss, whiteness, ink layer surface hardness, resistant to cooking, overprint, etc., in addition to the special requirements such as sulfur resistance test, the acid test of inspection is refers to the additional outside of the regular inspection.

Newbaze Microview as research and development of printing product appearance quality detection system, iron products can online real-time detection, effectively save the labor costs, improve the testing quality and efficiency.

The main technical indicators:

  1. Testing products for the iron print (such as: cans of milk powder paving products)
  2. To detect the object size, scope of application for 150 mm to 500 mm wide, length is 100 mm to 250 mm for all products
  3. Precision: 0.5 mm or less, the color difference: 5% or less
  4. The detection speed: 250 / min or more
  5. Detection qualified rate: 98% or higher
  6. Waste collection for the continuous collection, non-stop production
  7. Offline detection and on-line detection models

product defectProduct defect type:

  1. Printing defect, error, overflow;
  2. The string of color printing
  3. Printing overprint deviation
  4. Surface dirt, black spots
  5. On the surface of other small points
  6. Surface scratches

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Microview as a professional engaged in video image acquisition/processing CARDS, modules, systems, software, all kinds of models (interface: USB2.0/3.0,GigE/10-GigE,CameraLink etc.Resolution and speed: sd/hd/at / / ultra-high speed, high-speed levels: industrial grade levels/science/civil/medical grade levels/military/aerospace, etc.) and so on independent product research and development, custom development, to undertake system and agent of foreign brands product model, has rich experience in product and system scheme selection.

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