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Hyster® robotics offer a reliable solution to help optimize work flow, provide flexibility and help achieve significant cost savings. Furthermore, these automated vehicles can help lower expenses by reducing damage to goods, and increase productivity by putting people at less risk of physical strain from uncomfortable tasks. Consistent timing of tasks helps improve the flow of your materials handling operation.

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Mobile robotics and safety: Building a better work environment

POSTED 05/19/2021

Robotics are past the awareness stage. From horizontal transportation to storing and retrieving pallet loads at height, increasingly capable robotic solutions are becoming regular fixtures at manufacturing and automation events, and in trade and business publications across the globe.

And with technology advancing to become increasingly capable and scalable, the signals for greater adoption of robotic solutions are clear. What better way to augment your labor pool, enable social distancing, boost productivity and improve retention than by automating repetitive, non-value-added tasks and focusing employees on more engaging, satisfying work?

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