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Drawing on two decades of experience in the industry, XIMEA offer consists of state-of-the-art cameras with USB 3.0, USB 2.0, PCI Express and FireWire interface as well as X-RAY, Hyperspectral and Thunderboltâ„¢ technology enabled cameras. For more than 20 years XIMEA has developed, manufactured and sold standard or OEM cameras for machine vision applications in motion control, assembly, robotics, industrial inspection and security, as well as scientific grade cameras for life science and microscopy. The main distinction is based on extremely robust way the cameras are built while still providing highest speed like for example the USB3 Vision camera line.

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Heterogeneous Microprocessors Put Power of PC/PLC Inside "Smart Camera" Housing

POSTED 06/14/2013

 | By: What Would You Do With the Power of a PC and PLC

ld you improve your product quality and cut waste by retrofitting production equipment with a box the size of two decks of playing cards to deliver automated in-line inspection? Would you use your favorite full-featured OS, machine vision software program, and multiple high-resolution cameras instead of an XVGA smart camera processed by a limited version of your camera vendor's image processing software? Would you cut out thousands of dollars from your capital expenditures by including a PLC inside the camera along with the PC for real-time downstream product sorting and robot guidance?

Click to download a .pdf of the white paper from Ximea.