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Cobots bring an extra dimension to industry

POSTED 04/17/2023

The Latest free whitepaper from item: Cobots Bring an Extra Dimension to Industry

Discover how robots can do so much more than just mass production. Mention “robotics in industry” and most people will immediately think of large, heavy-duty industrial robots and mass production in large companies. That is precisely why many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have never really given much thought to the benefits of robotics-based process automation – the idea has always seemed irrelevant to them. However, the arrival of lightweight robots that are considerably cheaper and easy to integrate is now bringing these applications within the reach of SMEs, too. Collaborative robots (cobots) are also being used more and more often in special applications. This white paper provides an overview of the various ways (lightweight) robotics can be used to automate production steps. In addition to setting out the basic benefits of integrating lightweight robotics in SMEs, it also presents examples of typical applications that are already being successfully implemented in companies. In doing so, it highlights the key considerations when designing a customized robotics application for your own business. Access the free whitepaper now by clicking here