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Motion Solutions has one driving purpose: to provide our customers with the engineering services, solutions, and products they need to best achieve their goals. With more than 20 degreed engineers, we have deep domain expertise in the subject of motion. We work with clients across a continuum, ranging from application support on their existing projects to extensive collaboration on complex clean-sheet designs. As a result of deep relationships with our portfolio of marquee partners, we offer an extensive array of components, from simple hardware to cutting-edge technology. It’s our ability to adapt to and deliver on customer needs that best defines us as an organization.

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Blog Post: Find Out Why a Roller Screw Might Be Practical for You

POSTED 01/23/2018

 | By: Bill Saunders, Vice President of Sales

Today’s highly available precision roller screws are cost-effective enough to be effective solutions for even budget-conscious applications.

Find Out Why a Roller Screw Might Be Practical for You

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Planetary roller screws provide significant benefits over other screw-type actuators in terms of performance, load capacity, duty cycle, and lifetime. Traditionally, however, those benefits have come along with significantly higher prices and lead times. As a result, the technology was typically saved for applications that had to have performance, no matter what the price. Now, Tolomatic, a manufacturing partner of Motion Solutions, has released a family of US-made roller screws. With dramatically reduced pricing and lead times of as little as two weeks, the product line enables engineers designing general industrial automation equipment to gain the performance advantage of roller screws. For OEMs with specialized applications or who need to replace a product from a previous vendor, Motion Solutions can team with Tolomatic to customize a roller screw, and they can do it more economically and quickly than ever before. . .

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