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Motion Solutions has one driving purpose: to provide our customers with the engineering services, solutions, and products they need to best achieve their goals. With more than 20 degreed engineers, we have deep domain expertise in the subject of motion. We work with clients across a continuum, ranging from application support on their existing projects to extensive collaboration on complex clean-sheet designs. As a result of deep relationships with our portfolio of marquee partners, we offer an extensive array of components, from simple hardware to cutting-edge technology. It’s our ability to adapt to and deliver on customer needs that best defines us as an organization.

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Blog Post: Caged Balls Boost Lifetime, Reduce Noise

POSTED 03/06/2018

 | By: Wally Logan, Vice President of Engineering

Discover the benefits of caged balls and tips for success.

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Caged balls are widely deployed in motion systems throughout industry. Whether used in ball bearings, linear guides, or ball-screw actuators, caged balls bring both performance and practicality. The addition of the cage minimizes wear, reduces noise, and extends maintenance intervals. The technology also significantly boosts the lifetime of the device compared to non-cage versions. These attributes have made caged balls the go-to technology for a variety of applications.

Bearing cages consist of polymer structures that are molded to precise shapes. When the bearing is assembled, the balls are loaded into the cages. The cage surrounds the balls, separating them from one another. . .

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