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EDrive Actuators Inc. manufactures electric heavy-duty linear actuators for tough, industrial automation applications. Our products are used in a variety of industry applications where conservative design, rugged construction, long life, and high precision are required and valued.

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Benefits of an Internal Load Cell

POSTED 04/09/2021

Benefits of Internal Load Cells 

EDrive offers Heavy-Duty linear actuators with Integrated Load Cells which feature bi-directional force feedback. These actuators provide continuous, accurate measurement of applied thrust and offer an economical solution for precise applications. Choose from a variety of standard actuators to measure loads from 2,000 to 100,000 pounds force while you press pins, bearings, bushings, shafts, gears and more.

As an established manufacturer of robust linear motion equipment, EDrive Actuators with Internal Load Cells have earned customer confidence from years of successful operation in a variety of industrial applications. Customers continue to choose EDrive because we are the only manufacturer that offers internal load cells that allow users to "Measure force while they press" in both directions within a heavy-duty, high-quality actuator.

EDrive's Internal Load Cell design offers a cleaner and more efficient solution for continuous force measurement in both directions - extending and retracting. This proprietary design offers a continuous mV/V output signal while inherently providing protection for the load cell. Since the device is internal, no special field installation is required and integration into your system is simple.

Internal Load Cells

  • Measure force in both directions up to to 100,000 lbs. 
  • Provide a continuous mV/V output signal
  • Are acrruate to within 0.5% of rated force
  • Are available in both Inline and Parallel Offset mounting configurations
  • Are featured in product drawings and models, which are available online

Internal Load Cells are popular on the Eliminator HDL, SPL and SDL actuators, and are an option on all of our actuators in the Eliminator Series:

  • Eliminator HDL Heavy-Duty Electric Linear Actuators with internal load cell and steel construction (2,000-25,000 lbf)
  • Eliminator SPL Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Actuators with internal load cell and stainless steel construction (2,000-25,000 lbf)
  • Eliminator SDL Super-Duty Electric Linear Actuators with internal load cell and steel construction (30,000-100,000 lbf)

Ask about adding an Internal Load Cell feature to any Eliminator Series Actuator. Our experienced engineering team is available to respond with solutions for your specific application challenges.