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Our groundbreaking product, the Neo fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot, is deployed around the world and trusted by leading facilities and building service companies. Headquartered in Kitchener, ON, Canada, Avidbots is offering comprehensive service and support to customers on 5 continents.

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Avidbots AI Platform

POSTED 04/13/2021  | By: Avidbots

Our proprietary AI software powers Neo, enabling the autonomous floor scrubbing robot to understand its operating environment and take actions to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention. The industry-leading Avidbots AI Platform means Neo outshines the rest in true autonomous cleaning and sanitization.

Micromanaging Not Required

The Avidbots AI Platform is the smartest in the business.

The Avidbots AI Platform—leveraging data from a variety of robot sensors—provides situational awareness, enables advanced decision-making capabilities, and reliably completes its two key objectives: determining the robot’s position within space and finding the best path for the task at hand.

The Avidbots AI Platform delivers true autonomy, rarely getting lost, stuck, or needing to be rescued by a local operator. As a result, it reduces reliance on local operators when compared with antiquated methods of operation such as teach-and-repeat.

Advanced Dynamic Planning

With facility environments experiencing a significant change 82%1 of the time in a given week, the Avidbots AI Platform empowers Neo to handle these changes with ease. Many other self-driving floor scrubbers cannot handle these environmental layout changes. When Neo is deployed in a new facility, the entire space is mapped and a fully-customizable cleaning plan is generated. From that point forward, using the onboard suite of sensors, at the start of each cleaning session the Avidbots AI Platform compares what the space looks like this time to the original cleaning plan. When this takes place it’s determining the best path to maximize cleaning productivity. Essentially, Neo knows the room and then determines the best route in real time.

Because floor scrubbers that operate using the teach-and-repeat principle only know the routes an operator has taught them, they are prone to stoppages when environments change (e.g. holiday display set up or seating area moved). Once stuck, the operator has to rescue the floor scrubber and reteach it the new environment. This is a timeconsuming task that results in non-productive downtime. Imagine having to do this each time the environment changes.

With the Avidbots AI Platform providing advanced dynamic planning Neo remains a productive member of your cleaning team.

Did you know that 82% of facilities experience changes in layout significant enough to affect a robot’s performance during a one-week period?

The Importance of Best-In-Class Localization

Localization is the process of determining where a robot is located with respect to its environment; it’s key to the success of Neo. Avidbots’ advanced localization algorithms, engineered on the experience of hundreds of thousands of operating hours, allow continuous operation in even the most dynamic and challenging environments where off-the-shelf SLAM (simultaneously localization and mapping) algorithms used by many robots fail. Avidbots’ proprietary algorithms result in fewer stoppages and more consistent cleaning.

By interpreting long-range lidar sensor data and taking advantage of large and detailed cleaning maps, the Avidbots AI Platform provides location level awareness to Avidbots robots—Avidbots robots understand their location relative to items in their immediate vicinity as well as in a wider context, such as where they are in a large facility.

This intelligence enables better decision-making. Avidbots AI Platform-equipped robots may choose to temporarily skip over entire sectors if blockages will prohibit completion of cleaning, or take detours of any length through an already cleaned area in order to get the job done. If a sector is skipped it will be reported on the cleaning report via Avidbots Command Center the very next day.

To get the best possible floor-scrubbing robot for your facility it’s important to evaluate the robot’s localization capabilities which are crucial to its success. With Avidbots Neo’s advanced localization algorithms along with location level awareness, you are getting the best autonomous floor-scrubbing robot on the market that will deliver a consistent, reliable, and measurable clean.

Market-Leading Obstacle Avoidance, Enhanced Safety

The Avidbots AI Platform means Neo is unmatched in obstacle avoidance. Using a variety of sensors, the AI Platform consistently evaluates the data being collected to ensure Neo can avoid anyone or anything and stop when unexpected obstacles appear. Unlike other self-driving machines that get confused and typically stop when multiple obstacles get in the way, the Avidbots AI Platform enables Neo to handle navigating dynamic environments with ease. Neo is the best in keeping the operational environment safe

Neo’s Industry-Leading Suite of Sensors

An industry-leading suite of lidar (light detection and ranging) and 3-D sensors provide the Avidbots AI Platform with a constant stream of information and data that is analyzed to make informed decisions on a consistent basis.

In addition to providing the Avidbots AI Platform with this data, it’s shared with our Customer Success Team who work directly with our customers to optimize their cleaning operation delivering the best floor care possible.

More Improvements Automatically Updated

The Avidbots AI Platform seamlessly updates via the Cloud with manual updates being a thing of the past. By the end of 2020, the machine learning equipped Avidbots AI Platform will get even “smarter”, recognizing more objects in different environments and floors. Similar to self-driving cars powered by AI, they learn from other self-driving cars on the road and get smarter over time. When it comes to autonomous floor cleaning, the Avidbots AI Platform puts Neo ahead of all the rest!

Why Avidbots?

Buying an Avidbots Neo isn’t just buying a floor scrubber. It’s investing in a technological future that can redefine your cleaning function, making it more productive, more cost effective and easier to run. More importantly, our robotics and AI technology open up new opportunities to make your business even more successful. We realize this isn’t just about buying a product, or a technology, or even a business proposition. You want to buy into a trusted partner who can take you into the future of automated operations using cutting edge robotics. At Avidbots, we work side-by-side with our customers to earn that trust and realize all the benefits that robotics can bring them.

About Us

Avidbots is a robotics company with a vision to bring robotic solutions into everyday life to increase organizational productivity and to do that better than any other company in the world. Our groundbreaking product, the Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot, is deployed around the world and trusted by leading facilities and building service companies. Headquartered in Kitchener, ON, Canada, Avidbots is offering comprehensive service and support to customers on 5 continents.