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* Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

B2E Automation

We provide high-end automated storage and retrieval systems to increase efficiency and quality in warehousing!

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Whether it’s limited space, a troublesome warehouse layout, large inventory or unusual product shapes, nothing is too tough to handle for our software-driven ASRS. Our solutions are computer and robot-aided that help move a high volume of items in and out from pre-set storage locations in the facility with precision, accuracy and speed. This helps eliminate the use of forklift trips down storage aisles and wasted travel time between racks. Let us equip your company with our modern ASRS to help streamline processes and control traffic for optimizing throughput when demand is peaking. Here’s why you need our automated storage and retrieval systems:

  • To increase throughput capabilities
  • To increase accuracy levels
  • To minimize labor and heavy-duty machinery such as forklifts
  • To eliminate time lost to walking, searching, lifting, bending, etc.
  • To save up to 80% of wasted floor space
  • To achieve improved real-time inventory control

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