B2E Automation System Integration Service

* Automated Pick and Place Robots

B2E Automation

Fast-paced production environments require fast, efficient, reliable picking and placing solutions.

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That’s where B2E Automation shines. We bring you high-speed pick and place industrial robots that move the product from one location to another with pinpoint accuracy. Whether you’re automating for the first time or upgrading your existing systems, we have experts who will find the best technologies and solutions to meet your goals. Our Pick and Place Robots are designed for today’s fast-paced production plants, where picking and placing operations demand a lot from human operators, including high speed, reliability, inspection, sorting, and dexterity. Our solutions can help speed things up with unmistakable accuracy, without the need for breaks. Here’s how your plant can benefit from our robots:

  • Precise, automated process promising high repeatability and reliability
  • Flexible and adaptable vision systems
  • Improved productivity and quality control
  • Parallel robot configuration frees floorspace
  • Can handle heavier payloads efficiently
  • Reduces labor costs

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Other System Integration Services from Member

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* Automated Palletizing and Depalletizing Robots

We offer Palletizing and Depalletizing Robots to increase productivity and profitability while allowing for flexibility to run products for longer


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* Automated Conveyor Systems

Regardless of the size of your material handling needs, we can provide a reliable conveyor system for you.