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Automated Palletizing and Depalletizing Robots

B2E Automation

We offer Palletizing and Depalletizing Robots to increase productivity and profitability while allowing for flexibility to run products for longer

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Our ready-to-go solutions with built-in palletizing function make it possible to load and unload an object without spending a lot of time on teaching. Our solutions are highly useful for businesses that need to pack a wide variety of products with different measurements and requirements. B2E Automation offers fully automatic systems for the realization of continuously automatic process chains. The vacuum gripper can handle numerous layer pick cycles, leading to higher pick performance levels. Our robots ensure constant performance independent of external parameters. Here’s how integrating our palletizing and depalletizing robots in your plant can help you:

  • Accurate layer placements
  • Elimination of product drop chances due power outages
  • Careful positioning of materials
  • Effortless materials transportation in and out of the manufacturing unit
  • Reduced labor costs

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