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ANSI/RIA R15.08-1-2020 American National Standard for Industrial Mobile Robots - Safety Requirements - Part 1: Requirements for the Industrial Mobile Robot - PDF

The ANSI/RIA R15.08-1-2020 was approved on December 25, 2020. It contains 122 pages.  

R15.08-1 Is a new document providing technical requirements for the design and integration of industrial mobile robots. The rapidly developing capabilities of mobile robots will make industrial mobile robots (IMRs) and fleets (IMRFs) an increasingly common type of robot application in the future. In order for this advancement in productivity to succeed, the safety of human workers around mobile robot applications must be ensured.

Mobile robot manufacturers are the primary intended audience for R15.08 Part 1. Mobile robot integrators and users should also become familiar with the requirements in R15.08 Part 1; more detailed requirements for them will be in the forthcoming R15.08 Parts 2 and 3.

           R15.08 recognizes three types of Industrial Mobile Robots (IMRs):

  • IMR Type A: Autonomous Mobile Robot (autonomous mobile platform only).
  • IMR Type B: IMR Type A plus a passive or active attachment that is not a manipulator.
  • IMR Type C: a "mobile manipulator", where the "manipulator" is what would be considered an "industrial robot" per our sister standard R15.06 if it were stationary, mounted to a mobile platform that could be either an IMR Type A or an AGV.

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